Red From Angry Birds Toons
Vital statistics
Abilities None (Original)

Targeting directly at pigs. (Red's Mighty Feathers Exclusive)

Use his battle cry to topple structures. (Angry Birds 2)

First Appearance Pouched Eggs 1-1
Gender Male
Species Red Cardinal
Locations Most Levels
Strength Medium
Size Medium

Red is the main protagonist in the Angry Birds series and games created by Rovio Entertainment. He is the first bird to play with. He is also the leader of the Flock. First introduced in 2009, the character is the primary bird used in marketing to promote the series. Red is a Desert Cardinal. Red is the first bird used in the game, and he has appeared as a playable character in every version and episode of the game released so far (except for Angry Birds Stella), though he is not necessarily in all levels. In the Fuji TV exclusive episode: Sakura Ninja, he appears dressed as a ninja. This was the first time he has appeared in costume in any game (this is technically not completely true, because in both golden eggs in Go Green, Get Lucky in Angry Birds Seasons, he wears a green leprachaun hat), and completely new game sprites were created for this episode. He can be considered the unofficial mascot of Rovio and the official mascot of Angry Birds.

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Personal Data

  • Name:Red
  • Known Aliases:Super Red Bird, Red Bird, Normal Bird, Angry Bird
  • Group Affiliation:The Flock, The Flock in Space, The Flock in Patch Land, The Flock in a Galaxy Far Far Away
  • Best Friend/s:Chuck


Red is very responsible and eager. He also cares for the eggs, and sometimes dresses them up by putting a cap on them to keep them cool, making him the one with the best caring skills. His best friend and confidant pal is Chuck. He regularly reassures and encourages his friends. He is also known for being a strong and responsible leader and for never giving up on protecting the eggs from the Pigs.

Red has trouble controlling anger, as he tends to get mad at the slightest things. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Kicking a young bird for playing soccer next to his house.
  • Destroying a mechanical bird who made annoying noises and motions.
  • Despite this Red is fiercely loyal to his companions and the eggs, and does not hesitate fighting back for them. Red is also obsessive compulsive, as he needs everything to be absolutely perfect as seen in Just So.
  • Red has never learned to swim either, and refuses to go in the water, showing that he is extremely stubborn.


This section was took from the official Angry Birds Website Red’s special skills are his leadership qualities, which at first seems feeble compared to the brute force of Terence or explosive power of Bomb. But wait! Someone has to organize this odd flock of birds! He’s also a bit highly strung and sees small things as a declaration of war – like hearing the sound of the wind and thinking it’s the battle cry of the pig army. So that’s kind of intense! The whole flock tries to keep Red calm and relaxed by telling him to follow a strict program of herbal tea, soothing bath salts and deep-breathing exercises. But this only takes the edge off his anger, and it really doesn’t take much to remind Red of those little pigs trying to get their dirty trotters on the eggs. Even the sight of something green can enrage him! Red always needs to keep his possessions in the best possible condition. Like a proud dad, he spends hours every morning waxing the slingshot and making sure the band is perfectly elasticated. But if a dirty leaf lands on the sling then his eye starts twitching to show he’s edging closer to boiling point. Now he has to re-apply several more coats of polish to make it perfect again! Red also lets his guard down when he’s alone with the eggs and can be seen softly stroking their shells and telling them bedtime stories. It’s another rare moment of sensitivity and it reveals something of a softer side in him. But when the other flock members come a knocking, something clicks inside and instantly he’s back to being his usual serious and alert self.

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