This page is a list of projects for the wiki. These are needed to develop the wiki and become more popular.

In need of tabs
A lot of articles on this wiki are quite long. Use the tab code in their source coding to shorten them up.
Objective: Add tab view codings in all the character articles.
Wiki advertising
This wiki has only a few members. Advertise the wiki and get at least 10 people to come.
Objective:Get 10 users to join the wiki.
Coding errors
Some articles use the navbox template rather than their respective templates. In fact, every single template here is powered by the navbox template. We need someone to fix the article templates and improve the templates.
Objective:Fix the navbox templates and turn them into their respective templates. Also, remove the navboxes in the other articles.
Walkthroughs are heavily needed in this wiki because we need to help people finish their levels.
Objective:Create 10 walkthroughs as planned here

Toons content
We also need content from the Toons feature by Rovio.
Objective:Create articles on Angry Birds Toons content and more.

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