The Blues
The Blues
The Blues, as seen in Angry Birds Toons.
Vital statistics
Abilities Splits into three
First Appearance Pouched Eggs 1-10
Gender Males
Species Bluejays
Locations Most Levels
Strength Weak
Size Small

The Blues: Jay, Jake, and Jim, otherwise known as the Blue Birds are characters in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. They were first introduced in 2009 with the original launch of the game. The Blues are Eastern Bluebirds. Originally, they were presented as a single small blue bird in animated shorts and promotional art.

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Personal Data

  • Name: Jay, Jake, and Jim (The Blues)
  • Known Aliases: Blue Bird(s), Lightning Birds (from Angry Birds Space), Duplicate Birds
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock , The Flock in Space,The Flock in a Galaxy Far,Far Away
  • Best Friends: Each other, Bomb


The Blues, unlike the others, get surprised when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds. They are daring and inquisitive and often get themselves into trouble and cause mischief, causing the Flock to have to intervene. They are the youngest members of The Flock. Unlike the other birds, they are fond of Mighty and they visit him often, according to the comics. In the toons, they are unruly, mischievous, and playful. All the Birds treat The Blues specially, as they are only children. For example, Red would teach them respect, Bomb would play with them, Matilda teaching them to eat healthy, and Hal to look after them.


This section was took from the official Angry Birds Website The Blues are the pranksters of the flock who love nothing more than playing tricks and getting up to mischief. Troublemaking is what they do best – like the time they dressed Chuck in a pig costume as he slept and then called over Terence to deal with the green intruder. Let’s just say Chuck jumped up pretty fast after seeing the terrifying Terence at his bedside! Arrrgggghhhhh……!!! These guys may have a carefree attitude, but they’re also super-smart. When playing a prank they find clever ways to hide their tracks and keep everyone guessing! And how about this for a special power...? They cling on to each other to look like a single blue bird, and then in mid-flight unleash a surprise three-way attack to bombard the pigs from different directions! Boom!! If Red and Matilda are the mature birds looking over the flock, then the Blues are the young little hatchlings. When they get caught being mischievous, they quickly show those helpless puppy eyes and then it’s impossible to stay mad at them! Matilda wants them to eat vegetables, Red talks about responsibility, and Bomb teaches them how to have fun – so guess who they like the best?!

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