Corporal Pig (also known as Helmet Pig or Colonel) (as in Angry Birds Toons revealed in the end credits of "Where's My Crown?") is a Medium Pig and the secondary antagonist in Rovio's Angry Birds. who wears a stone (or maybe metal in new design) helmet for stronger defense. It is the third strongest pig variety in the game, and serves as the chief enemy in the first set of levels in each theme. It also serves as a protector to King Pig. Corporal Pigs are very much alike to Foreman Pigs in game ways, not actual looks but in strength. They have bosses: Herr Helmet (Poached Eggs), Hovering Helmet (Danger Above), Hardhat Hidalgo (The Big Setup), Billy the Pig (Ham 'Em High) and Cave Explorer (Mine and Dine). The Corporal Pig first appeared in Poached Eggs Theme 1-21.

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