Angry Birds Transformers is a side-scrolling shoot em' up video game released for iOS (Oct. 15, 2014) and Android (Oct. 30, 2014). In this game, the Angry Birds (as the protagonist «Autobirds») and the Bad Piggies (as the antagonist «Deceptihogs») join forces to battle against the «EggBots».

A cinematic trailer was released on August 29, 2014, animated like a mid-1980s VHS tape, which the original Transformers cartoon series was distributed on for home viewing.


The storyline begins with the EggSpark hurtling towards Earth. Upon entering the atmosphere, the EggSpark turns into an egg-like shape. As the Allspark is heading towards Piggy Island, the age-old battle between the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies unfolds, ready to clash over a clutch of Eggs. Shortly thereafter, the EggSpark crashes to Earth, with the fallout turning the Birds, the Pigs and even the Eggs into robots. After marvelling at their new robotic bodies, the Birds (as the Autobirds) and the Pigs (as the Deceptihogs) were about to resume their battle when the roboticized Eggs (dubbed the «EggBots») began shooting at random environmental objects, roboticizing them and attacking both Autobird and Deceptihog alike. With a new threat surfacing, the mutual enemies are forced to enter an uneasy alliance in order to battle the Eggbots and save Piggy Island together.

The game begins with all of the Deceptihogs and most of the Autobirds captured by roboticized Bad Piggies (dubbed the «Pigbots»). Red (as Optimus Prime) and Chuck (as Bumblebee) must free their allies from captivity and save Piggy Island.


The objective in the game is to complete a run from start to finish in each stage, dealing with Pigbots attacking both Autobirds and Deceptihogs alike. Popping pigs is not needed to finish any stage; popped pigs are used to unlock new characters who are encased in ice. To pop the pigs, players must either directly shoot at them, or destroy their fortresses to crush them or make them fall from great heights.

Players can also transform to speed through a level faster and avoid highly damaging falling monoliths. As players upgrade their Transformers, they get special Energon abilities that can be recharged by shooting roboticized environmental objects to release Energon cubes.

Players can also bring an ally (even from a different faction) into a stage, where they can be summoned to assist the player for a set amount of time. If Astrotrain flies over you after your partner has disappeared, then he can no longer help you complete the level before returning to Astrotrain. However, if your partner is still present when Astrotrain flies over you, then he will remain with you until you and him both return to Astrotrain. Players' health are represented by five hearts made of five lines (4% health) representing 20% of health. If you lose all of your health points, you will fail the level and Astrotrain will beam your beaten-up Transformer away from the event, followed by a spotlight shining down on the beaten-up Transformer inside his cab on the Game Over screen with the word "Unlucky!" appearing over him.

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