Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game based on the original game. It is the first 3D Angry Birds game but this the fourth game you can play as pigs, the third being Angry Birds Star Wars II, the second being Bad Piggies and the first being Angry Birds (King Pig Mode). The game involves downhill racing, with upgrade-able vehicles and character-specific powers. The game also uses the Telepods like Angry Birds Star Wars II, as in karts that can be 'teleported' into the game.

It is the seventh installment of Angry Birds, and was released on November 26, 2013 in New Zealand, one day following in Australia, and on December 11, 2013 worldwide. A countdown app was released on October 31st, to see it go to Angry Birds GO! countdown app.


The story starts when the pigs are ready to race on the Piggy Island, while the birds are looking down on them. The Chronicler Pig is making the prizes. The piggy that is in third place will win shoes, the second place piggy will win an apple, and the winner will win a big cake. The birds see the cake and want to eat it, making them join the race with the pigs.


In Angry Birds Go!, there are various racing modes and many characters to race with and against. There are 16 playable characters in the game (the list is below). The very first character that you get to race with is Red. You can recruit more characters by completing events. Each event has a required CC (cake capacity), so make sure you increase your kart's CC by upgrading it. Each racer has cupcakes which show you how many races that character can participate in. Each character has a maximum of 5 cupcakes, and the current time needed for a cupcake to appear is 77 minutes. You can also spend some gems or watch videos to fill up the cupcakes of a character. Karts go through three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To get to these stages, max out all upgrades for your kart. Once you do, you will get an all new kart every time you max out the upgrades. If you have maxed out all the upgrades for a Gold cart, it will stay the same but there will be an icon next to the stats that you have maxed out.


Playable Characters

  • Red with his Super Roaster
  • Stella with her Soda Pop Sedan
  • Bomb with his Big Bang
  • The Blues with their Tri-Toaster
  • King Pig with his Royal Rumbler
  • Terence with his Beep Beep
  • Bubbles with his Rapid Rider
  • Matilda with her Tub-Copter
  • Foreman Pig with his Green Baron
  • Hal with his Shoemerang
  • Corporal Pig with his Dragster Snout
  • Chuck with his Mega Rocket

Non-Playable Characters

  • Minion Pigs with random karts
  • Mechanic Pig as the Race Mechanic
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