Contrary to popular belief, staff members and admins are not exempt from local policies just because they are part of the staff. In reality, the staff actually have to follow more rules than normal users.


Angry Birds Fans Wikia administrators are not allowed to block users due to personal disdain or bias. As an admin, it is part of their job to be fair towards normal contributors. If they feel as if an user is doing something wrong, they should inform the user before handing out any official warnings or blocks.

Generally, we discourage admins from blocking users due to spats or situations that took or are taking place on other wikis, mainly because they are not related to Angry Birds Fans Wikia. However, if it is likely that the argument may cross over to the wiki or is threatening the administrator, we encourage them to block them and inform Wikia Staff or VSTF (depending on the situation) immediately.



Angry Birds Fans Wikia administrators should not delete anything without using the {{delete}} template on the page. All pages have a reason to be deleted, mainly because it is not revelant to Angry Birds, or a randomly made page with random text.

But if anything useful or Angry Birds-revelant is deleted on this wiki for no reason, we here at Angry Birds Fans Wikia will charge the admin for an uneccessary deletion of content.


Generally, a page should be deleted if it does not do the following:

  • Not related to Angry Birds
  • Contains inappropriate content
  • A random page made by some troll

But deleting pages with

  • Vandalized Areas
  • Outdated Information

is not allowed.

Media (such as photos and videos)

Deletion of photos and videos are only nesseccary if:

  • It is a duplicate file. There are 79 files on this wiki. Becareful not to upload a duplicate.
  • It does not follow our Media Rules. We would reccomend files violating our Media Rules having the {{delete}} tag.

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