Like all wikis, this wiki has it`s own style. Follow these rules when making articles. Not doing so will end up in a block. Of course, none of these rules are set in stone. They are merely what the creators and editors of Angry Birds Fans wiki currently feel is the best way to accomplish the above goals. Keep in mind that, like Angry Birds Fans Wiki itself, the Manual of Style is a work in progress, so if you come across something that's missing, feel free to either add a description of how you feel is the best way to organize an aspect of the site, or discuss possible options on the forums. Remember that everyone has a say in how Angry Birds Fans Wikia is created. 

Keep it simple

When making your first article, keep it as simple as it could be. Don`t just make way to many sentences. Just put either the {{stub}} or the {{unfinished}} templates.

Make sure it`s understandable

This is a child-friendly wiki. We want everything to be understood by them. Otherwise, how many children you know understand the meaning of "sacked"?

Article Names

There are some general rules regarding how articles on Angry Birds Fans Wikia should be named.

  • Article names should be in singular form, not plural. The only exceptions are things which always appear in plural form in the English language, such as binoculars or boltcutters.
  • The titles of articles about characters should be the name by which the character was most commonly known, with later names preferred to earlier ones, and full names preferred to partial names or nicknames. Titles such as "Captain," "Doctor," "Agent" or "Mister" should be omitted.
  • Unless the name of the article contains a proper noun, only the first word should be capitalized.
  • Disambiguation tags may also be necessary in the title.


Disambiguation is the process of resolving ambiguity, the conflict that occurs when a term is closely associated with two or more different topics. In many cases, this word or phrase is the "natural" title of more than one article; however, disambiguation may also serve to differentiate more than one similarly titled article for a reader. Essentially, disambiguations are paths leading to different topics that share the same term or a similar term.There are two ways to disambiguate on Angry Birds Fans Wikia:

Disambiguation tags

Disambiguation tags are usually necessary for people, places or things which share the same name. These tags appear in the title in parentheses. Deciding what to title a tag can be tricky, but it should be consistent. Disambiguation tags usually won't be necessary for locations. If two locations share the same name, the titles of the articles should be expanded to be more specific. For example, "Portland, Oregon" and "Portland, Maine". "Portland" would then be made into a disambiguation page (see below). Situations for creating disambiguation tags may vary drastically, so there can be no set rules, but editors are asked to keep them as clear and consistent as possible.

Disambiguation pages

As illustrated above, the most common form of disambiguation page on Angry Birds Fans Wikia distinguishes between character names. If two characters share an identical name or more than two characters share similar names, a separate disambiguation page is created. For example, if there exist four pages named "Bird Smith", "Bird Jones", "Bird Miller", and simply "Bird", a disambiguation page titled "Bird" is needed, listing all four characters alphabetically with descriptions and links to their proper pages. If any other simply named Bird is later created, new disambiguation tags will be used, as illustrated above.

Article introduction

Every page should begin with an introduction, briefly summarizing the article for the reader. The introduction should give a quick explanation of what the article is about and establish its context. The length of the introduction can vary from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs. The title or subject of that article should appear in the first line in bold. Even though the article title is already listed, it's useful to emphasize the article's subject for the reader.

Procedure for expressing disagreement

An individual user does not have the right (even if they are right) to decide on their what should be written on the wiki. A wiki is a team effort. Therefore, decisions have to be made as a team. You have no right to change the content of articles as you see fit. If you start edit wars, you will be blocked. This is what you can do:

  • Go to the General Discussion on the forum.
  • Check if the issues aren't already been discussed in the past.
  • Start a new thread about your issue.
  • Write calmly down what you think that should be changed on this wiki. Be careful:
    • Use good and solid arguments.
    • Avoid heavy emotions (e.g. hatred).
    • Avoid weasel words.
    • Avoid fallacies.

In the discussion that follows you have to try to convince most of the wikis active users of your case. When most active users agree with you, changes to the wiki should be made accordingly. In the event that minority of admins and bureaucrats abuse their powers to enforce their personal views, you should complain at Wikia. When you fail to convince most of the active users of your case, you have two options:

  • Accept that your view isn't shared by most of the community. Be a team player and accept the current structure of the wiki.
  • Cease editing this wiki and join/set up an online community that shares your views.

We always keep grammar high-standard on the wiki. To do so, here are some rules. More may be found in your English Grammar book.

No British English

  • This wiki was founded in the Philipines. Due to this, we follow both American and Filipine english, not any other form of English.


American and Filipine english is only permitted on articles. Therefore:

  • "Armour" is spelled as "Armor"
  • "Axe" is spelled as "Ax"
  • "Colour" is spelled as "Color"
  • and etc.

There is an exception however. You can use British spelling on your userpage, blogs, forum threads, and comments.


Look at this. 8920. How do you read this? This may be very confusing, considering the fact that there is no comma. Only American (and Singaporean) numbers are allowed. This means that 8920 should be written as:

  • 8,920


  • 8 920

  • Only use the pictures that we have. To upload another photo, ask an admin for permission.
  • Templates must be used properly. To see how they should be used, click here.
  • Keep the article simple. When you`re not done editing but have to go, save it first. Then another user or an admin will do the rest for you.
  • Don`t make the article too long. Rather use a tab bar to separate them into different places.
  • Vandalism of any form will not be tolerated. Vandalism is either:
    • deleting a large portion of the page without proper reason.
    • Inserting false information on Angry Birds News
    • If someone becomes a vandal, admins will have the right to block the person for an indefinite amount of time, depending on the severity of the act.
  • Do not post or speculate any future information about future games/birds/etc without it being heavily supported with reliable sources. This might cause panic across the wiki.
  • Do not disrupt the format of a page unless if needed. If you want to change a certain page, contact an admin permission and approval.
  • Do not post any inappropriate language. Kids may visit this website, so no inappropriate language whatsoever. Any offense will result in an extended block.
  • Spamming is prohibited.
  • If someone undoes an edit of yours, it is not appropriate to undo their edit. This is called edit warning.
  • Copy and paste is not allowed. The reason why? It`s because that text copied isn`t yours. Rather modify that copied text instead.

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