The following is a list of rules detailing the guidelines and requirements for creating and commenting on blogs. 

Creating Blogs

  • No Spoilers. Spoilers will not be tolerated. Spoilers are any information that is released prior to the legal release date. If details about an upcoming episode/issue/etc has been released to the public, it is not considered a spoiler.
  • No Harassment. Blogs are not the places to solve personal disputes. If you have an issue with another editor, leave a message on their personal talk page as well as on the talk page of an administrator. Derogatory comments about race, religion, gender, or anything else are not allowed.
  • Have Content. Make your blog substantial and include more than just one sentence. Try sharing your own opinion on the topic and include a picture or two if you need additional content.
  • Be Relevant. While blogs aren’t required to focus on Angry Birds, they should be relevant. Use your judgement and think, would the users of Angry Birds Fans Wiki be interested in what you are posting?
  • No Duplicates. Check the blog newsfeed before you post to make sure that no one has posted the same content before you. There is no need to have two blogs with the same information.
  • No More than 3 Blogs per Week. We love to hear your thoughts and ideas, but too many blogs clog up the newsfeed on the Recent Blog Posts page and prevent other’s blogs from being seen.
  • Be Original. Copying ideas from others is plagiarism and is not allowed. If you are using other’s ideas, you must credit them.


All blogs and comments can be edited or deleted at any administrator’s discretion. Administrators will provide a reason for why a blog or comment is deleted. If you have further questions, leave a polite message on the talk page of the administrator who deleted your blog or comment and they will provide clarification. Remember: Any deleted blogs can be restored or have their information gathered by an administrator after deletion. 

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.